Contract work

Baggot Cleaners is available for contractual laundry work. Our service is available to clients all over Dublin.
Our flexible contract work means we are available for both short and long-term contracts. If you need to close your laundrette for even one day, Baggot Cleaners can pick up your contracts and delivery the kinds of results your customers have come to expect.
With over 30 years of experience, we’ve amassed a stellar reputation with the Dublin business community. Our state-of-the-art cleaning machines and dry cleaning techniques mean we can remove the most stubborn of stains whilst protecting even the most sensitive of garments.
Our relief work contracts mean that business owners can rest assured that even when they are off, their clients are still receiving the highest standards of laundry work.

For more information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Baggot Cleaners today.

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Boutique Hotels

We provide smaller business owners with a high quality professional dry cleaning and laundry service.
We are available for a complete sheet and linen laundry service. We clean all sheets to the very highest of professional standards. Our time-tested cleaning techniques have proven to be tough on stains whilst not damaging the fabric, and retaining the material's colours.

For the very best in contractual laundry services, get in contact with Baggot Cleaners today.

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