Dry Cleaning

Baggot Cleaners provides clients with professional dry cleaning services. Our dry cleaning is available to clients all over Dublin.
With over 30 years’ of experience we are one of the longest established dry cleaning companies. Baggot Cleaners has been synonymous with quality dry cleaning since the 1980s. We’ve developed a reputation with our private and commercial clients for our reliability and the quality of service.
Using the very latest equipment and dry cleaning techniques, we can remove even the toughest of stains.
Our professional, highly qualified team has vast experience in removing odours and stains whilst at all times protecting even the most sensitive of garments.
From sequins to thin silk, we ensure a thorough clean that won’t damage your clothing.

For more information on our professional dry cleaning techniques, get in contact with Baggot Cleaners today.

Our Dry Cleaning Service

Our dry cleaning service is built on reliablity, customer service and efficiency.

Unlike some other dry cleaners, we understand that, depending on the garment, different cleaning techniques need to be used. In our 30 plus years of dedicated service, we’ve developed techniques that properly remove odours and smells, whilst still protecting the delicate parts of the clothing.

If you have that special piece that needs to be protected, don’t take a chance with lesser experienced dry cleaners, get in touch with Baggot Cleaners instead.

To further discuss the cleaning requirements of your delicate garment, get in contact with Baggot Cleaners today.